Weekly Travel Theme: Glow

Where’s My Backpack’s weekly travel theme challenge this week is “Glow”.

Lots of things glow – candles/fire, neon, sunrise and sunsets, etc. Here’s a few photos from my travel archives.

Plunge pool at the Roman Baths, Bath. It glows due to the phosphorescence of the minerals in the water

The moon glows in the night sky over Brussels

Checking the ale, Alexander Keith’s Brewery, Halifax

Sunshine on the harbour waters, Halifax

Late afternoon winter sun makes the ruins of Rievaulx Abbey glow

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About Diane Johnston

I love to travel, take photos, read. I love Coronation Street, Doctor Who, Dexter, True Blood. I enjoy museums, galleries, shopping, sightseeing and food when I travel. I have a fiance and a great family. I live by the Atlantic ocean in a small city which I love.
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9 Responses to Weekly Travel Theme: Glow

  1. Lovely examples of “glow.” I love that green pool in Bath. We have some mineral baths (naturally warm water) in our area but they are not as pretty and need major repairs…

  2. ledrakenoir says:

    Very well captured for the theme… :-)

  3. Wow amazing shots… love the Baths and Beer one :) very unique.

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