Where it all started

Right. So.

I’m middle aged now (sob… how did that happen?) . My family didn’t travel when I was a kid, we mainly got a week in summer staying at my grandparents’ camp (small cottage with less amenities).  When I was in high school, my school always did a couple of student trips each year during the March break. One was a cruise in the Med and the other was somewhere in Europe which would include some part of France as the French department was the sponsor. You’d still have to pay for the whole whack yourself, there would be none of these bake sales and fund raisers to send or subsidize the group like many do these days.

That’s me in the middle.

By the time I was in grade 12, I had been working part time at a department store and I saved up the money to go on the French department trip. The itinerary had us flying Alitalia in and out of Rome, with a brief stop there to see the city, then on an overnight train to Paris for three days, and another overnight train to Nice for four days along the Riviera doing side trips.

Even though I spent the last few days sneezing and miserable with a streaming cold, I was hooked on travel. And unfortunately, I wasn’t able to afford to go again for many years.

Fast forward to 1993 and I finally got to get my ass on a plane again. There was no trouble trying to decide where I wanted to go. I have had a lifelong love and interest in all things British so I had to go to the U.K. for my first foray. I decided on a bus tour to see as much as I could, (that’s a story for another post!) and it was awesome! Bus tours aren’t for everyone but I like them and took 3 more in the years to come.

By the new millenium, I was in a better financial place and I’ve been able to travel somewhere every year, sometimes more than once. I’ve been back to the U.K. many, many times and a few more places besides. I have a fiance who lives in the Manchester area so that’s the first stop and we have been trying to go on road trips, day trips or holidays off the island.

I’ve got stories, photos, plans and dreams for future trips and wishlists too!

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