Photographs of the day

Yellow house in Roskilde, Denmark

I have loved taking pictures even before I knew I loved travel. I got my first camera at age 12, a polaroid but graduated quickly through various pocket point and shoot cameras until I got my first SLR, a Canon AE-1, when I was about 18. Sadly, that was after my first trip to Italy and France!

I’ve had several different SLRs over the years but with the advance in digital photography and the convenience and quality of the point and shoot cameras, I’ve gone back to that style. At times I still miss the exquisite clarity of an SLR and there is just that little bit more flexibility but overall I’m quite happy with my Canon SX240, my newest camera with a 20x zoom and lots of in-camera special effects that I do enjoy using without faffing about with photoshop.

That brings me to the topic today. The Guardian, a UK newspaper, has a really good travel site and they also do some great photo features. Today’s is on great travel photos in conjunction with a weekend coming up in October for a Travel Photography Live festival. Boy, I wish my annual visit to England had been able to coincide with that! It’s October 5 – 7 in case anyone can attend.

Today the Guardian has these travel photos. When I see photos like that, (aside from several I feel are a bit over-processed), it makes me realize my photography skills are shit and I should just throw my camera away!

Ok, not shit. I’m a pretty good photographer but even in my SLR days, I was never this good. I love looking at travel photos, though, and it gives me great ideas for taking similar shots or composition.

I keep most of my better photos on Flickr and this is the first page of the photos Flickr considers and rates most interesting from my photo stream. It does change sporadically. Most of them were taken on my travels with a few taken locally. The photo with this blog entry is currently at number one on the list and was taken in Roskilde, Denmark.


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