The Final Countdown

Cheers! High Lifters toasting the end of a day

It’s the final countdown, the final month before I depart. I am making lists of things to remember to pack, and things I need to do. I will probably get my suitcase out of the storage unit a couple of weeks before I leave and start tossing things in, such as books, maps, clothes that I don’t wear now.

I will have to charge my UK mobile phone before I go so it’s ready to use. I think it’s already topped up so I won’t have to do that at the airport when I land, but I’ll check online just to make sure it’s got credit on it. Yes, I have a separate phone and UK SIM card, it just makes it easier.

Traditionally, I always get a pedicure before I go and I need to get my hair done as well. I have my partner’s Christmas and birthday presents already but will have to wrap them and get cards. Posting packages is getting more and more expensive and you never know if it’s going to get there in time for Christmas. If I’m going over in November anyway, I might as well make sure I buy early and take it with me! There was something else he wanted bringing over and his dad had requested something as well so I have to buy those closer to the date.

As for trip-related things, I will need to buy tickets to the Vatican museums and to the Colosseum online ahead of time. I have a moneybelt to keep my passport and credit/debit cards and extra cash under my clothing, particularly important for Rome and oh yes, cash…I want to get some currency, some pounds and some euro. (can you pluralize euro? euros? It sounds odd,  like it should be one of those words that’s the same for singular and plural!) I always like to have some on hand before I hit the ground.

I’ve charged the laptop but will do that again before I go as well as load on some files to Google Drive that I’ll need.

We’ll spend the weekend in Manchester when I arrive, just so I get my “sea legs” so to speak, and then head to Rome for the week. We’ve got a car rented for the second week and have a few plans for things to do, places to go and people to see. I hope we get some sunny weather though I’m not counting on it. Manchester is rarely sunny whenever I’m there. We can leave the city and find the sun and see the clouds hovering over it like Mordor as we approach it to return.

The photo with this post was taken on a rare sunny day in Manchester from the window of the car. We came up to a stop light and saw this across the road. It struck me funny, and it looks like a group of glasses raised in the air for a toast! I whipped out my camera and managed to get the shot before the light changed. Too bad about the pole in the middle but you can’t always control these things!

One last thing…

31 sleeps to touchdown!


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