Le Poulbot

We went to Paris to celebrate my partner’s milestone birthday. We only had a few days and 2 of them were overcast and sometimes rainy. The last day, though, the sun came out. We took the bus to Montmartre (because there was a transit strike and the Metro was very iffy, though mostly busses were still on the roads, and fare-less!). After visiting the Basilica on the top of the Parisian world, we walked around the back, saw a somewhat sparsely populated Place du Tertres (it was late November) and around another corner to find the Espace Dali.

We visited that and were then ready for a mid-afternoon lunch. Around another corner from Dali is a small street with 3 or 4 cafes/restaurants lined up on one side, each with a prettier front than the next. One small one had baskets and buckets of flowers crowding the entrance and dripping from the windows, lace curtains, a painted sign and a wooden door and we went along to look at the menu. I noticed a small sign attached to the door and took over in fits of giggles.

Translation: Nice dog, Crazy owner
Le Poulbot, Montmarte, Paris

Needless to say, the restaurant had the right attitude for me and inside was a lovely small and cozy place, wooden tables and chairs, low, beamed ceilings, lots of pretty pictures and posters on the walls and a fixed price lunch menu looked to be good value (and it turned out to be quite yummy too!)

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