The Wish List

Everyone has one. Where would you like to go if money was no object? If you had the time, the energy and resources? Is there a location on that list that has a priority?

In my early days, the top of my list was the U.K. and London. I was always an Anglophile, very much into British history and television programs. My favourite books were those that took place on the sceptred isle. The first chance I got to travel as an adult, the U.K. was my destination of choice and because I wanted to see everything I could, I chose a bus tour around the U.K. and went with a friend.

Bus tours aren’t for everyone but I enjoyed it. I got a little taste of a lot of places and many of them I knew I’d like to see again someday. I did, too, and have been back to London over a dozen times so far. London is a city I will never get tired of and often try to work in a day or two on my visits to the U.K.

My fiance lives in Manchester so that’s where I’m mainly based but we have been booking flights from there to elsewhere on the European continent for the past few years, usually just for 3 to 5 days. We’ve also done day trips and a road trip around the Cornish peninsula, another place I’ve always wanted to see.

Nyhaven, Copenhagen

I’d always wanted to see Amsterdam but when we went, I wasn’t overly impressed though it was nice. One place I had never considered was Copenhagen but we went because my partner had a friend there and he’d wanted us to visit. We decided to go and spent 5 days there. Copenhagen was a surprise and we really liked it a lot.

Other European destinations on my wish list include: Lisbon and the north of Portugal in the Duoro valley, Vienna, Budapest, Prague. Other locations include Japan, China, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand. I’ve been to Paris and the south of France but I would like to see more of France. Spain? Maybe Barcelona, Granada and Seville. I’ve never been too keen on the idea of Germany though I’m sure it’s very nice. I’ve also heard Poland is very good too and my partner fancies Romania for the Dracula/Vlad the Impaler connections.

There’s places I’d return to such as Paris and Copenhagen but there’s so many places I haven’t been that I want to see as well. That’s the hard part. How do you choose between a place you have been and really want to see again and somewhere you have never been? We’re going to Rome next month because my partner really wants to go. It’s my third visit but my first one was so brief it almost doesn’t count. I think this time around, I’ll really get more of a feel for the city as we’re doing it on our own without the group tour environment that I experienced both of the other times.

There are other places in Italy I’d like to see again as well including Florence. We decided against going to more than one place because dividing our time up has felt rushed in the past and we didn’t see enough of any place. Staying in one spot gives us more time to spread the sightseeing out and relax a bit more.  That doesn’t mean I still won’t end up with blisters!

We also have traveled in Canada when he’s visited me. Some areas are cities I’ve been to and some were new to me as well. We think we are going to plan a trip to New York City next. I’ve been there as well but only for a day and a bit so it will pretty much be new to me, too.

He’d really like to go to Vancouver but as that’s on the other coast, four time zones away, and there are a number of people, friends and relatives, we would want to see, we’d really need to be there for a few weeks so that will be put off until we have more time.

I love watching travel tv shows and perusing travel magazines. I see lots of lovely and interesting places that I might like to go. I also know there’s places I am not interested in and my fella agrees with me on the main ones so that works out just fine.


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