Evening in Paris

Pont Des Artes, Paris


Another random photo from the stash. This one is one of my favourites and shows the Pont des Artes in Paris. It was the only sunny day we’d seen out of the three we were in Paris. We spent most of the day in Montmartre and were heading back by bus to the Louvre for evening opening before later taking a night time boat ride on the Seine. The sun was edging low just as we got off the bus so we walked over to the river before entering the museum to take some photos.

November in Paris. We shouldn’t really have expected better weather. For one thing, November…not really conducive to warm, sunny days and for another thing, every time we go somewhere it rains. We might be lucky enough to get one day with the sun shining, possibly two if we’re there long enough. Haven’t seen it fail yet. It doesn’t bode well for Rome!

The photo above was a telephoto shot which gives it that somewhat compressed feeling. The photo below was taken with no zoom at all.

The Seine looking towards the Pont des Artes and Notre Dame



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