Countdown – Four sleeps

The Colosseum, Rome

It’s really three sleeps until I leave but four until I get there after an overnight flight. I do love to travel. I just hate getting there. Flying is not all that comfortable for me and I can’t usually sleep sitting up. I may doze a bit but I get into that zone where I could be asleep but I can still hear everything that’s going on. Or it seems like it. I avoid caffeine and alcohol on the flight over and try to drink water or juice. It doesn’t really help much. I won’t take a sleeping pill. I just suffer the sleep deprivation the next day.

I’ve got my laundry done and most things packed. It’ll be the dregs of the wardrobe the rest of this week for me. Phone’s charged, but I’ll give it another shot of juice because it’s old and doesn’t really hold a charge too long anymore. That’s on the list to purchase. I’ll pick up a cheap phone when I’m over there, I think. Just last minute stuff to put in the carry on.

Got tickets booked and printed from for the Colosseum and the Vatican. The Colosseum now offers tours that will take you into the lower levels and upper level of the walls. Down where they kept the animals, slaves and props and up for a great view over the city. You can only do that with a tour and I think it’s worth it! Vatican museums tour takes in all the usual plus the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s.
Here’s the list I made for Rome: The “Bucket” List

Roman Forum
Trajan’s Markets
Gladiator School (near the Colosseum)
Vatican Museums and St. Peter’s
Profondo Rosso store (Near Vatican City, Owned and run by horror film director Dario Argento, apparently there’s a little horror museum there as well)

Piazza Navona
Church of Sant’Ignazio Di Loyola (painted dome)
Trevi Fountain
Spanish Steps
Santa Maria della Concezione Ossuary

Napoleon musuem
Arc Pacis
Ostia Antica
Castel St. Angelo
Boca de Verita (near Tiber)
Tiber Island

We make our lists and make the effort to do the most important things on it. After that, we may pick more from the list or we could just as easily get side tracked and do something completely different. You never know where you’ll end up.  There’s a pretty good chance we’ll do everything above the “Maybe” list since we have the tickets for some things and the things in the second section are mostly fairly close together.  We don’t want to overdo churches, but maybe Santa Maria Maggiore if we are in the area.

Rome is one of those cities that you’ll never get to see everything that interests you in one visit that only lasts 4 or 5 days. We always wear ourselves out and we always say we’ll go at a slower pace. We never do.


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