And so it begins… UK/Italy…

Stanfield International Airport, Halifax
Departure Lounge

For the first time, I’m traveling with a laptop (well, no, not the first time,had it with us on the train to Quebec in the spring. But it’s the first time flying). The European trip begins for this year’s sojourn to see my sweetie and do a bit of traveling outside the U.K. as well. Followers from the start of this blog know I’m spending next week in Rome and the next week based out of Salford, the city next to Manchester.

Some might say Manchester is the home of famed football team Manchester United (or Manchester City) but for me it’s the home of Coronation Street and Salford is where my fiance lives. We’ve been together for 8 years now and we visit twice a year, alternating who gets on the plane. It’s usually a longish haul and I’m very glad he doesn’t live in Australia!

So here I am at the airport with my lappy on a table, a decaff latte from Starbucks in their Christmas cups (already!!) and they have the winter treats on the menu so I’m having my first Creme Brulee latte of the season. Decaff so maybe i can get a little sleep tonight. It’s an overnight flight direct to Heathrow and then transferring to Terminal 5 for the BA flight to Manchester. First time transferring to T5 so it will be a bit different.

BA didn’t let me check in online either so I’ll have to do that when i get there but …

Good thing #1:  Air Canada was able to check my suitcase all the way through. That means I don’t have to slog through the cattle call of T3 passport control and drag my bag on the shuttle train and recheck it. I just have to transfer by the little bus to T5, but I still have to check in. That’s ok.

Good thing #2: Creme Brulee latte (see above)

Good thing #3: Not a squeak going through security. Sometimes it buzzes for me and the only thing the wand beeps at when they swipe me is the underwire on my bra! I’m a good girl and I empty out my pockets first and don’t wear big chunky metal things. Gold and silver and my watch don’t seem to bother the metal detector.

Bad thing #1: I really don’t like to fly overnight. It’s not comfortable and I can’t really sleep. I sometimes can doze off or slip into The Zone where I’m almost asleep but I can still hear everything. It isn’t jetlag that bothers me as much as it is lack of sleep. I’ve been up since 6 a.m. this morning for work and by the time I get to my second home, it will be the equivalent of about noon in my time zone. Gotta be done but I pray for the day we get telportation technology!

And the flight is going to be pretty much full tonight, too. I had a seat with an empty beside me but when I checked in online, the middle seat was taken. There was one other spot with two empty seats out of the three in the middle so i snagged that aisle seat. Pray to the travel gods will you, that the empty seat stays that way?

Right. That’s it for now. More from the other side.


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