Good things, Bad things. UK/Italy Day 2

Waiting patiently to travel

This is turning into a Good Thing/Bad Thing theme. Wonder if I can keep it up?

Good thing #5: We got to Heathrow early.

Bad thing #2: We circled in the air for about 20 minutes but that’s pretty standard stuff for here. But you know, we got off the plane at about 10 a.m. local time and I’ve finally got to the departure lounge and it’s 11:30. It took about 10 minutes on the shuttle bus between terminals. All the rest of the time was standing in lines (queues, I guess I should say now that I’m here). And I thought Terminal 3 was busy? Terminal 5, the all-British Airways terminal is even worse! I thought Terminal 3 passport control was a cattle call. Well, i didn’t have to go through that in T5 but everywhere i turned there was a long queue!

There was a long queue for the shuttle bus, I had to wait for the second one though after the first finally came, the second was only about 5 minutes behind it. Good thing #6: Got a seat !  Ten minutes later we’re at T5. It’s a little confusing but lots of people there to ask. I am then faced with a very long queue to get a boarding pass.

Good thing #7: Someone came along and said if you were only waiting for a boarding pass, to follow him around a corner where two more desks opened up. Less than ten people in front of me now. There’s no queue for passport control but you go through three different stations. One looks at your passport and boarding pass, the second actually stamps it and asks you questions. The third take a photo of your eyes, that retina scan I guess. I think this was the quickest I’ve got through passport, only 2 or 3 questions but the security scan queue area was huge! I saw a line that wasn’t too long and joined that one. There’s a couple dozen station.

Good thing #8: Finally through all that and can sit down with a cuppa after a toilet stop and that was the best cup of tea I’ve had in weeks! Yay!

Bad thing #3: The connecting flight was full and by the time I’d realized my assigned seat was in the middle of three, it couldn’t be changed.

Good thing #9: The man on the aisle seat was kind enough to switch with me.

Bad thing #4: The plane was delayed and then delayed more because it had to sit in line on the runway for another departure slot. In the end it landed an hour late!

Cue lots of pleas to the Luggage and Travel Gods but For a frightening moment I thought the worst had happened. I heard my last name called out with a few others at the baggage reclaim. My reaction was “it had to happen sometime!” But, GOOD THING #10: it wasn’t me even though the passenger also had the same first initial! Whew! My luggage arrived ok. Yay!

I messed around enough just trying to get it all into a bathroom stall and out again and I decided to take a taxi into the city instead of the train and a taxi from the train station.  I chatted to Graham’s dad for a bit and now I’m at the flat. Graham’s working until 6:30 and the first order of business for me is a sandwich and nap!

Totals: Good things 10, Bad things 4. So far so good.

(p.s. I’ll add a photo to it later when I’ve taken the camera out of the suitcase. )

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