Rome – Day 1

Fontanna delle Barcaccia (Leaky Boat fountain)
Piazza dei Spagna at the foot of the Spanish Steps

I say “Day 1” but it was only a few hours really.

We’ve arrived in Rome, after a stupid o-clock 5 am alarm, an early-is flight with a transfer on to Rome from Gatwick. Much more civilized than Heathrow even if there’s just as much walking involved. We landed about 2:30 and made it to the hotel after 4 p.m.

Bad thing: I was assigned the middle seat on both flights but … Good thing: The man on the aisle seat was moved somewhere else so he and his wife could sit together. At least that 2.5 hour flight was a bit more comfortable even if the chicken caesar wrap tasted so disgusting i only ate part of one half of it.

We got to Rome and managed to get train tickets into the city even though I’m still pretty sure we were ripped off. I know i saw signs for a regional train that stopped a few times before the Termini in Rome for 8 euro instead of 14 euro (16 with fees) for the express train but the guy in the ticket booth said that train stops everywhere except the Termini and the machines were not giving the option either so we were stuck with the more expensive ticket. Oh well, we got there in about 35 minutes and took a cab to the hotel which is quite nice.

I won’t get into details about that now but it’s comfy, has a prety good sized room and the wifi works well! What more can you ask for?

We got settled in and then went out for a walk and hoped to find food. As it was about 5 o’clock, we stopped into a couple of places that looked like they were open but were not serving food yet. We were told it was a bit early. I knew that a lot of places closed down from mid afternoon until a bit later but i thought the restaurants might have just opened up by then.Normally we wouldn’t be ready to eat that early anyway but we really had only grazed a bit through the day with airline food that was very uneven as far as taste and quality goes. In the end we found a place that could heat up sandwiches, burgers and pasta. It was ok. It filled the spot. We can do better.

We walked down by the Spanish Steps but didn’t go down to the bottom. As a result, Graham was distinctly unimpressed. I assured him it looked nicer from the bottom though really, to be fair, it isn’t one of the Wow sights in Rome, just another of the well known ones. We didn’t feel like going to the bottom and then making our way back up because we were fading. We took a taxi back up to the hotel. That’s two drivers that never heard of the hotel but at least knew where the street was so that’s ok.

We relaxed here in the room for a bit and then had a couple of glasses of vino rosso in the bar of the hotel. Not a great bar. A small bar and a few soft chairs and low tables. Nothing on the walls except a few light sconces and some long twigs out of a vase in the corner. But never mind. It was a nice hour to chill out and plan the rest of our week.

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