Rome – Day 2

Piazza navona

Piazza Navona, Rome

Day 2 in Rome and the sun is out. This is epic. We never get the sun, or hardly. It’s supposed to be out tomorrow, too. I know a lot of people think open top bus tours are a bit of a rip off, but we do like them in a new city if possible so that’s what we did today. We walked to Piazza Barberini where we got on the bus and took it round it’s route to the stop before the one where we got on. We never did end up getting back on again but no matter..

The tour had recorded commentary that could have been louder but I suppose the traffic and open air doesn’t help matters. We got stuck at a bridge across the Tiber where either the bus was involved in an accident or we were stuck behind one, i never did find out for sure. A police officer came round and had a whistle to blow so we knew things were getting sorted and shortly thereafter we were on our way again.

When we did get off the bus, we made our way to the Trevi Fountain. I’d dunked a coin in it in 1977, returned in 1996 for another go and here I am again in 2012. I guess it works but it wasn’t a speedy return to Rome for me! My parter decided against it as he reckoned there are just too many places we’ve not been to yet to return to places we’ve seen already. Plus there are a couple of cities we do want to revisit if we return anywhere (Copenhagen and Paris).

We had a coffee stop, a bit of a browse for souvenirs, then lunch in a nice wine bar. We found the Pantheon and went in there. I always loved it, even filled with people. The only thing I find jarring is the loud recorded announcements telling people to be quiet and respect the church. The announcements are more jarring than people talking!

Piazza Navona is another busy spot, lined with cafes on three sides and filled with artists sellng works in the middle of it, around the fountains. We looked around there and enjoyed our first gelatos. We decided we might come back to the hotel for a rest before heading back out for a meal later. We know not to go out too early this time! We plan to try one of the restaurants down the road from the hotel which had a good mention in a review for the hotel.

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