WordPress Daily Prompt: Time Capsule

Gelato in Rome

Gelato in Rome

The idea of WordPress’s daily prompt is to get people to blog more. I don’t really need that incentive, but sometimes it’s fun to follow the meme anyway. Today’s is asking what you would put in your 2012 time capsule. Because this blog is travel-oriented, I’ll have to make it relate to my travels this year!

That would include:

Trip to Quebec City in May:

French dictionary
Toy train: We took the overnight train
Heating pad: Because I had back trouble through most of the trip!

Memories of Rome:
Italian dictionary
A skull: To remember our visit to the Capuchin monk ossuary in Rome
Poster of the Sistine Chapel ceiling

Memories of England:
Eccles cakes (made for and served to us on our visit to friends in Sunderland)
A broken camera (Aggh!)
A copy of Clockwork Orange (an exhibit in the John Rylands Library commemorating it’s 50th anniversary of publication)

Of course, there’s many more memories and probably one or two other things that I would put in the capsule but we’ll leave it at that :)


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