A Word a Week Photograph Challenge – Light

This week’s word from A Word in Your Ear’s blog is Light.

Light… Light of day. Sunlight. Moonlight. Candlelight. Light and Dark. Light as a feather.  The light of my life. Light is revealing. You can see the light when you understand the truth.

Light is not always easy to capture in a photo, for me. It doesn’t always look the way I see it. But sometimes, it comes out better than I expect, a trick of light perhaps. Light and shadow is interesting to photograph.  Light at dusk doesn’t look that blue to the eye but it photographs wonderfully.

Here then are some photos about light.

Light refracted causes rainbows. This one, in the highlands of Scotland, seems to be laying on the ground but is probably the top of the rainbow.  It’s possible that the angle of the sun late morning and the height above sea level caused this phenomenon.

Glencoe, Scotland.

Fireworks light up the sky

Chateau Frontenac, Quebec City at dusk

Light and Shadow

Light gives you silhouettes

Loch Caron, West Highlands, Scotland

St. Anne de Beaupre, Quebec




26 thoughts on “A Word a Week Photograph Challenge – Light

  1. viveka says:

    St. Anne de Beaupre, Quebec – is my pick from this stunning bunch …. your firework photo are magnificent – so difficult to get it right with firework. You and your camera are a great team.

      • viveka says:

        I tried to take photos in Chicago of the 4th July fireworks – didn’t even know I had a firework mode on my camera until the day after – used a fens as tripod – got one okay shot .. but the fireworks was really poor. Had the camera for over 4 years. We learn something new every day.

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