Fab Photo Friday – Manchester city centre

In honour of the upcoming journey to Manchester next week, I give you a few photos from the city centre.

This is the square next to the “Triangle” shops (on the right). The building used to be the old corn market. The wheel and sculpture are fairly new and there’s a ground level sculpture/fountain that you can’t see. the new buildings behind the wheel are Selfidge’s and Marks and Spencer, a new flagship store built after the IRA bomb damaged the old one in 1996. Between the damage in this area caused from that (though not one person was killed) and the millenium, the city centre of Manchester has been given quite a facelift.


Manchester’s city centre, the Triangle shops on the right, the Wheel and Exchange square

These were in a window in a shop in the Triangle, taken from the car as we drove by!


On the main street, Deansgate, there’s a pub called Moon Under Water. It’s one of the Wetherspoon’s franchise. They often take old buildings, renovate them and open pubs. This one used to be a movie cinema. It’s a very large pub with an upstairs and large back are past the open area where you come in. Upstairs outside the toilets you will find this lovely stained glass window. There are also framed photos of famous Mancunians including the final photo here of famed fictional characters from the longest currently running television show in the world, Coronation Street and it’s where I’m going to be this time next week!


Stained glass in Moon Under Water, Deansgate


From Coronation Street, on the air since Dec. 9, 1060. Two of the original characters and arguably two of the most famous. Played by Violet Carson OBE (Ena Sharples) and the late Pat Phoenix (Elsie Tanner)

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