Weekly Photo Challenge – Illuminate

WordPress’s weekly challenge this week is “Illuminate”, a tough one to narrow down to just a handful of photos with various types of illumination. The word means to light up, reveal, but it also describes a type of artwork found in ancient texts, hand drawn before the printing press such as this book below.

Illuminated copy of Canterbury Tales – John Ryland Library, Manchester UK

Light coming through a window, plain or stained glass is a type of illumination, lit up by the sun.

Window in Port Royal, a restored fort in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia

One of the rose windows in Notre Dame, Paris

Then there’s exterior light, illuminating a building or a monument.

*That* tower. Paris.


Stadhuis, Grand Place, Brussels

The interior or a restaurant or room may need illuminating for ambience.

Fireworks illuminate the sky over the bridge and harbour in Halifax, Nova Scotia