A Word a Week Challenge – Round

This week, Sue’s Word a Week challenge is Round. A geomtric shape, the circle, and we find it everywhere we look. We eat off (usually) round plates and drink out of (usually) round vessels. A circle is the symbol of eternity with no beginning or end. There are too many round things to list but the more you think of it, the more you’ll see just from where you’re sitting. Right in front of me is a webcam, with a round eye. There are dvds on the desk. There are two round mugs and a round jar of hand cream and a little crystal vase. Batteries, buttons on remote controls…

Here then are some well rounded photos:

Roundness in the TARDIS

Daleks are full of roundness

Gauges on a steam engine.
Manchester Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester UK

Flea market finds

The Atomium, Brussels

It was a bumpty ride before the wheel

Double helix staircase
Vatican Museums, Rome

The round interior and dome of the Pantheon, Rome

Camden Stables market, London