A Word a Week Photo Challenge – Weather

A rainy night in Manchester

Sue’s photo challenge this week is “Weather”.

Everyone loves to talk about the weather and when we travel, weather can make a big impact on how much we enjoy a destination. Some of us can make the best of bad weather and try not to let it get in the way of our enjoyment. Of course we always want the sun to shine when we’re on a vacation but it doesn’t always work out that way, even when you go to sunny and warm locations like a tropical island resort.

Most of my European vacations have been to the U.K. and Ireland with a smaller number of continental visits.  I’ve also been to  various Canadian destinations at various times of year. In a vast majority of my holidays, the weather seems to be similar. It’s overcast, a smattering of rain, and the very occasional sunny day. It does get depressing sometimes. My photos tend to look dull because there is no blue sky. I’ve not been above photoshopping it in now and then but mostly I don’t because the light in the sky doesn’t match the light in the photo anyway if you do that.

This most recent vacation to Rome was an exception. The sun shone out of a nearly cloudless sky the whole week!

Roman skies over the Colosseum

I’m writing to you now from Manchester in January and right from the start, the odds are against good weather but then, I haven’t come here for the weather this time.  Weather Gods, I would appreciate a little more sun on my UK holidays, especially when we’re road tripping. Keep it in mind for the future, could you please?

Here’s a few more weather related photos from my archives.

Canadian winter

Halifax fog

Radhuis Plads before the storm, Copenhagen

Long term effect of the Cornish wind on trees, permanently bent