Travel Be’s

Wow, what a great blog post on travel is this. International Travel Chick has some very true throughs on travel and the “The Travelling Be’s”. Be Flexible and Be Patient seem to be the ones that strike the most chords with me. Travel is about seeing new things and making memories and even if things don’t go to plan, you’ve got a great story to tell!

International Travel Chick

quote-i-havent-been-everywhereEach month, Oprah writes a column titled “What I Know For Sure” for her O Magazine.  After recent events, I am inspired to write my own article on “What I Know For Sure” about travel.  For me, travel is all about “The Travelling Be’s”…

Be Flexible
Travelling is like gambling…sometimes you win, other times you crap out. I would love to say ‘always bet on black’ but you might get caught in a blackout and I can’t have that on my conscience :)  Not every trip will go as planned…and that is the beauty of travel.  The adventure you experience along the way.  You may have a bad experience or 2, but hopefully the good travel memories blot out the bad.  Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Remember this…you are somewhere AMAZING (hopefully…sorry if you aren’t…that does suck for you…and if that is the case, get a ticket and go somewhere amazing…

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