Fab Photo Friday – Harrogate


Betty's Tea Room, Harrogate

Betty’s Tea Room, Harrogate

HHarrogate, in Yorkshire, U.K. is known as a “spa” city. Although it’s mineral rich waters were discovered in the 16th century, it boomed in Georgian times as a destination where people could take the waters and obtain all manner of cures. Today, the city is a popular destination and has lovely, elegant architecture and lots of nice pubs and restaurants and shops, many with the original storefronts. We saw several with windows that curved around the corner of the shop rather than being fit into a frame for the front and sides.

Betty’s Tea Room was established nearly a century ago. They serve a very civilized tea with scrumptious cakes and pastries and they do a very nice lunch as well. It’s not cheap but it’s one of those nice touristy things to do. There are other Betty’s establishments including one in the city of York but this one is the original one though not the original location in Harrogate.

The Royal Pump Room is early Victorian and is famed for the sulfur waters over which it sits. It was hugely popular in it’s day with up to 200,000 visitors or more during it’s height in the 1920s. It is now a museum showing some interesting artifacts of various medical “cures” and methods as well as Victorian items on display.

Harrogate Pump Room Museum

The Royal Pump Room Museum, Harrogate

Harrogate Pump Room Sign

Detail on the Royal Pump room building

Detail on the Royal Pump room building

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