Traveling via the movies – French Kiss

8778028_origThis is another movie that I really like, partly for the story itself and partly because it features some wonderful footage of Paris and the south of France. It was filmed in Paris including some scenes in the reknowned five star George V hotel and Cannes in the south. There are lovely views of vineyards in Vaucluse in Provence as well.

French Kiss was released in 1995 and starred Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline. Both were at the height of their movie heyday and had enjoyed a string of successes. Along with Timothy Hutton and Jean Reno, the cast just sparkled for me, creating really great characters.

Champs Elysee, Paris

The action takes place in Paris and in the south of France and follows Kate, an American about to marry a Canadian, Charlie, who goes to Paris for a medical convention and meets a French woman there and falls in love. Poor Kate’s perfectly planned world blows sky high and, although terrified of flying, gets on a plane to Paris determined to win Charlie back. On the plane she meets Luc, an arrogant and slightly distasteful Frenchman who is also be a jewel thief.  He smuggles a stolen necklace and a grape vine cutting in Kate’s carry on bag, knowing she would never be checked by customs but when her bag is stolen, he has to stick by her to try to help her get it back.

Their story takes them through the streets of Paris in daytime as well as at night, as Kate is in pursuit of Charlie and then to Nice where Charlie and his new girlfriend go for a holiday. Kate and Luc follow them and are in turn followed by a French detective who has a long complicated history with Luc. Luc promises to help Kate get Charlie back in return for the necklace.

As with most RomComs, you can predict how it will end but the personalities and chemistry of the actors makes it worth watching, as is the amazing scenery. The streets of Paris, at night especially, that we see are enchanting and the vineyards and little towns of southern France certainly make me want to wander the narrow cobbled streets of the villages and try the local wines at the sidewalk cafes and then drive through the hilly vineyards. The soundtrack of the movie is really atmospheric as well, one of my favourites.