A word a week and the WordPress weekly photo challenge

I’m going to have to apologetically copy what Travels and Trifles did by combining both the Word AWeek challenge, “Smile”, and WordPress’s weekly photo challenge “Love” . I say “apologetically” because Travels and Trifles also used a photo of elephants and I knew I had similar photos and really couldn’t resist using mine since they do show both Smiles and Love!

Elephants are amazing creatures and their creased faces do show so much expression. These photos were taken at Chester Zoo in England on a chilly November day. There were two young elephants “wrestling” on a slippery, muddy bank and a mother and her baby were rolling a log around. You don’t think of animals having affection but when you watch many of the species, it’s clear that they must. It goes beyond instinct, I think.

Smiles on any living creature warm your heart.

Having a laugh

You wonder what they’re smiling about

Mother and child