Fab Photo Friday – Don’t feed the animals

There are signs up all around most zoos warning you against feeding the animals, unless, of course, they provide you with something that’s animal-friendly. When I was visiting Vancouver about 10 years ago, we went to the Vancouver Zoo. It’s a really lovely zoo, too, with large natural enclosures for most of the animals. I really like giraffes so was excited to see them ambling around their space. When I spotted someone picking up twigs and leaves and feeding one, I *had* to do it too! I figured it would be ok, as it’s their natural food. It wasn’t like I was trying to feed them popcorn or chocolate or something!

I picked up a few twigs and went over by the fence.  I wasn’t afraid, exactly. I’ve never heard of anyone being savaged by a giraffe, after all. But you don’t realize how HUGE those animals are  until you see a head the size of a horse coming down at you from out of the sky and see that great, long, BLACK tongue snake out at your hand to gently remove the stick. Oh, Wow!


That’s me, in full “EEK” mode watching for the safety of my fingers carefully!


Ah, well that’s all right, then! Isn’t she lovely! (I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a male, they were even bigger and taller!)

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