A Word a Week Challenge – Island

This week’s Word  challenge from “skinnywench” is Island.

I’m not the type of person that goes to island resorts with wide sandy beaches and palm trees, pools and fancy drinks with little umbrellas in them. The islands I visit aren’t destinations just because they’re an island. I’m in the  UK every year. That’s an island. The province I live in, Nova Scotia, is almost an island, only connected to Canada by a narrow strip of land. Nova Scotia does have an island off the end of it, Cape Breton Island, which is fairly well known. Canada’s smallest province, Prince Edward Island, is not too far from us either. In the east, we just refer to it as The Island and everyone knows what you mean.

Vancouver Island is off the west coast of Canada, belonging to British Columbia and I have family and friends there. Newfoundland is also an island and is on the east side of Canada. It’s a wild, mostly remote, and utterly beautiful place with wonderful people that live there.

I think my most memorable island is the tiny island of Iona, accessible by a foot ferry off the Isle of Mull, Scotland. We drove there from Glasgow through some spectacular mountains and ferried to Mull from the city of Oban. The Island of Mull has some mountains and lots of the roads are single track. The countryside is quite barren. At the end, at Fionport, is the little ferry. The only vehicles allowed are those belonging to the residents, or service vehicles but really, you don’t need a vehicle on the tiny island. The village is a few roads and houses with the old Abbey at the end and the ruins of a Nunnery in the middle. It’s peaceful and almost spiritual.

Here then are a few of the islands I’ve been to visit:

The beach on Iona, Scotland. Looking towards the Abbey.

Stanhope Beach, Prince Edward Island, Canada. The sand and earth of the Island really is that red, with high iron content.

Looking towards Isle St. Louis, Paris, an urban island

George’s Island and lighthouse, Halifax, Nova Scotia. One from my harbour home town. There used to be a military fortification on this little island to help guard the harbour.




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