Walk on the bottom of the sea

In the Canadian province of New Brunswick there’s a park on the edge of the province that runs along the Bay of Fundy, home of the highest tides in the world. The park contains the Hopewell Rocks, high rock formations that stand alone away from the rest of the cliffs. When the tide is out, you can see the formations much better.  The tide and elements over centuries, probably millennia, have caused the erosion.

When the tide is in, it just looks like small “islands”, or rocks peeking out of the sea, rocks that may have small trees and brush on the top. You can see an example of the water at high tide here.

I visited a couple of years ago and saw them at low tide. There is a large park here, with an upper and lower section. They have a shuttle running between the two. There are hiking trails and an interpretive centre (and a gift shop and cafe, of course!). They do charge entry during tourist season but I believe we were just outside that and parked at the lower end. We could view the beach and rocks from a viewing platform for free. You can go down to the beach as well and explore around the rocks and cliffs but you must watch out for the incoming tides. They wait for nobody!

The park is about 45 minutes outside the city of Moncton. The rest of my photos are here on Flickr.

Hopewell Rocks. The high tide reaches just about the top of the under-arch/hole.

Staircase to the beach

For scale, you can just see someone standing by the outer rock.

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