A Word a Week Challenge – Zoom

Sue’s Word a Week Challenge for this week is Zoom.  Zoom for photography is to use a long lens to bring an object in closer. Zoom in, that’s what we say. Focus in closer. Zoom also means fast. “Zoom Zoom!” is the tag line for a well known car manufacturer.  I’ve got a few photos here that illustrate both meanings of the word.

Pont des Arts, Paris, and Notre Dame. Zoom factor 20x

And this is the same view from where I was standing. No zoom involved.

This is photoshopped but imitates a technique where you can take a photo at the same time as employing the zoom lens to give a feel of motion.

Watching an underground train zoom by. London.

Zooming in on Westminster tower on the London Houses of Parliament. I was in the London Eye at the time

Debbie Harry on stage. Obviously I was not standing right in front of her. Zoom Zoom!