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I mentioned National Geographic Traveler the other week and I thought I might talk a bit about some of the travel magazines that I like.

I’ve been buying them and/or subscribing to them for a long time. It was armchair traveling for a long time and I was also drawn to the photography as that has been a lifelong hobby for me. I subscribe to three at the moment and pick up others if they feature something that I think I’d find interesting.

I don’t get any of them in digital format because I don’t have a tablet and they don’t really make them for a PC or laptop yet. I wish they would. Even the ones that are for a Kindle don’t work through the Kindle app on a PC, only on a tablet. I do have an iPod touch but I find that magazines on that are just not suitable. It’s too small a screen. I think the tablet digital versions would be lovely, though and if I ever get one, I will probably switch reading the magazines to that format. Most of the magazines with digital format also offer bonus content for those versions.
Here, then, is a little run down of some of my favourites.
Favourite Travel magazine –

National Geographic Traveler

Excellent photography
Interesting stories from all over the world
Good online blogs and bloggers

Digital format: Has an iPad app
Subscriptions: 8 issues/year, Approx. $20 CAD per year. Occasional special deals for renewals. Currently seems to be $10 US for a subscription to US addresses.

Second favourite :
Conde Naste Traveler

Very good photography
Good stories, can be a bit America-focused during several issues over the year
Top 100/Top X/Reader’s Choice/Gold List type issues a bit redundant
Only one blog, Wendy Perrin but she’s informative.

Digital format: Exclusive content on digital app versions (iPad, Kindle Fire, Samsung Galaxy, Nexus 7, Nook Colour
Subscriptions: Usually has very good deals for US subscriptions. A bit more for Canadian and international but I’ve had some good deals there too.  Slightly more for digital + print. Not sure if the digital is available outside the  U.S.

Not that keen on their current website, it’s a bit in-your-face with the big black headlines but there are subscribe links displayed prominently and it’s easy enough to find your way around.

I sometimes buy the U.K. version as well, depending on content. I can get it at some of the better news stands here.

Travel + Leisure

I pick it up sometimes if there’s something I want to read
Not quite as polished,  the website a bit similar in feel to CNT above.

Subscriptions: Good value for Canada/US subscriptions, $24 US for a 24 month subscription.
Subscription links on website not prominently displayed.
Digital format: Doesn’t look like they have a digital version.


I love the U.K. so this has lots of articles on many aspects and all areas of Britain.
Great photography
Big, glossy magazine
More expensive than the others, is an import.

Subscriptions: 6 issues/year for $29.99.
Digital format: iPad version $20.99 and they have a digital version that will work on a PC, a Mac, and Android tablet as well as the iPad. It’s through a company/viewer called Zinio and going by their sample on their site, it’s a bit fussy, having to zoom in and out to view things at a readable level. The table versions would likely be nice.
I have this on print subscription at the moment, too. Even the ads are good, with lots of website links for things to look up.

Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel

Good for those of us that don’t spend a mint traveling
Lots of online resources
Lots of good, practical information.

Digital format: Multiple digital versions available. Looks like they’re in the middle of a change. I wonder if they’re going all digital or they’re changing their print production or something. Their current version is available online only and is a zoomable one that works on a PC at least.

National Geographic

This is the classic travel magazine.
The photography is world class with lots of exotic locations and long, informative stories. It’s not just about travel, it’s about our world in general. It’s about the environment, nature, travel and great adventures.

Subscriptions: You can get a digital only, print only or a combo for a little more. Digital version is available for Canada as well as the U.S.
Digital format: iPad and Kindle Fire with access to the online archives.
They also produce editions aimed at kids and younger people. Top quality. No wonder they’ve been around over 100 years.

There are others but these are the ones I read either regularly or occasionally.  There are also ones on the news stand that focus on regions such as Italy, or Spain, several for people that like to go on cruises, and theres one on Islands in general. Which ones do you like?

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