A New York Minute

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City (where we probably won't be going this time!)

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City (where we probably won’t be going this time!)

New York stuff is all booked and there’s 30 sleeps until Graham gets here!

We have:

Rock of Ages tickets booked for Thursday May 9. Got a discount from Broadwaybox.com, Saved about $40 per ticket I think. Decent seats, in the main floor section about half way back. But they gave us seat 1 and 3. Huh? I would hope that if there is a body between us, they will be kind enough to switch so we can sit together. We weren’t going to a show because at first we couldn’t agree on one but this one made the cut and I think it’s going to be good.

Instead of the ubiquitous city type passes, we booked a 5-attraction pass each through SmartDestinations. Many cities have an attraction pass that is good for 3 or 5 days and it’s “all you can do/see” off their list but I can never fit enough in to break even let alone save anything. This Explorer Pass is a bit different. You choose 3, 5, 7 or 10 things from their list of 55 attractions and tours and the pass is good for 30 days. You don’t have to say which things you will be doing, it just counts them off as you scan your chipped card which I received today! FedEx sent it and I didn’t realize it would come courier so i wasn’t home. They delivered it to my office today instead.

We know 4 of the 5 things we’ll be doing, The Empire State Building, the Guggenheim musem (changed our minds from the Frick, and this one is on the Explorer Pass’s list where the Frick isn’t), the Intrepid Sea and Space museum and a TV and Movie location tour,  and we can pick from one of the other things though we are leaning towards the NBC Studio tour.  This pass seems much more doable and is cheaper ($116 for 5 attractions, and by including the TV tour, we’ll end up saving 4o or 50 dollars over the 5 things we do, I think)  and you can spread it out more rather than squash everything into 3 days and be exhausted and burned out trying to fit it all in. They do a number of tours via the CitySights company which do hop on hop off,  but you can only do one of them with the pass and each one is only one of the various routes that would be included if you’d bought a 48 hour pass from a tour company separately.  We’ve heard the tv location tour is quite good and let’s face it, they film loads of things in NYC!

Booked the hop on hop off tour through Grayline that’s good for 72 hours so we can spread it out. Take a downtown loop one day, so we can get on and off and explore, then the uptown tour the next day and we thought we’d do a night tour as well. They also do a Brooklyn tour and a Bronx tour but we may not do those. The night tour goes over to Brooklyn so you get a look at the night skyline. We can also use the tour bus as transportation if we want, even after having done the tours, if there’s still time left on the ticket.

Thought about pre-booking an airport shuttle to the hotel but the standard airport bus goes to Port Authority, the big bus terminal which is only 3 blocks from the hotel so that’s good enough. There’s a lot of things that are within easy walking distance of the hotel, less than 10 or 12 blocks which is convenient. We plan on wandering around some of the neighbourhoods like Greenwich Village, Chelsea, Chinatown, Little Italy (which, i understand, (those last two) are really small) and Soho and probably the posh areas like Fifth and Park Avenue. Would like to check out Macy’s or Bloomingdale’s, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Rockefeller Centre, see the John Lennon memorial in Central Park, maybe see the 911 site though it’s not a free museum like they said it would be but I think you can observe the park area from outside.

Also got the rental car booked for when we get back. I think we’re sorted! Now we just have to get there!