Fab Photo Friday – My favourites

In honour of the first Friday in April, a day that’s going to bring snow and a lot of rain to Halifax (typical, that), here are a few of my very favourite photos from my Flickr “Favourites”

This was taken outside of the “Plague” village of Eyam. We drove to the edge of the village looking for a particular signpost was supposed to be. We didn’t find it but drove along a bit further. The road narrowed and followed the top of a hill. We realized we were not going to find what we wanted and thought we’d better turn back to the village but this view across a bit of a valley caught my eye. The lines and the shades of green on an overcast misty day in the Peak District were perfect.

Peak District farm, U.K.

This photo was taken in the Netherlands at the Open Air Museum near Arnhem. The huge park contains lots of old Dutch cottages and buildings from various eras. This area was beside a little shack used for making paper the old fashioned way and across the pond, was a printer’s shop. It, too, was an overcast, sometimes rainy day. It always seems that things look much greener under dark skies!

On the grounds of the Open Air Museum, Nr. Arnhem, The Netherlands

This last photo was taken in 2000. I had taken a bus tour around Scotland and we’d had an early morning start from our hotel on the Isle of Skye in Broadford. We’d actually watched the sun come up over the mountains on the mainland, probably the ones in this general area. We traversed the bridge over and headed up. and up. And then stopped for a photo op at a lookoff point over Loch Caron just as the morning sun was bathing everything in gold. It was a lucky shot and remains one of my favourites.

Loch Caron, West Highlands, Scotland

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