Fab Photos – Lostwithiel

I know it’s been quiet around this blog lately. I’m just waiting on pins and needles for our New York Trip, 2 weeks from today! In the meantime, I browsed my folders to find a “fab photo” and found this first one taken from the car window as we were driving cross country to the east side of Cornwall.

Cornwall isn’t all about beaches and coves. The inland parts have rolling hills and desolate moors (Devon), farms and some nice little villages.

North Devon, England

North Devon, England

We were heading from where we were staying near Camelford to Lanhydrock House and then to the east coast to see the little fishing village of Fowey. Our host at the Inn told us about Lostwithiel and said it was a lovely little place for a stop. After we left Lanhydrock, which, by the way, is superb if you like old houses filled with lots and lots of interesting things, we went to Lostwithiel which is only a stone’s throw from there.

We found a place to park and walked along the High street and saw this old church. Looked interesting and as we came into the church yard we noticed the path was lined with shoes filled with flowers. That’s odd…

Lostwithiel Floral shoe walk

Shoes along the path at St. Bartholomew’s, Lostwithiel

We went inside the church, St. Bartholomew’s (dating to the 13th to 14th century), and discovered it was the first day of a flower festival. The church was filled with flowers and elaborate displays of flowers. Local businesses and groups each had sponsored a display of flowers which was also accompanied by various items associated with the group/business. For example, one sponsored by a pharmacy had antique microscopes and old prescription and tonic bottles.
St Bartholemews arches
The church smelled amazing, not overpowering at all. We spent a good 3/4 hour looking at all the displays. This was one of my favourites though I don’t remember who sponsored it now. The displays would be auctioned off at the end of the long weekend for charity, benefiting a hospice and also the church itself.
Lostwithiel Floral stained glass window

Lostwithiel Graham

My fella enjoying his cuppa

Outside the church in the yard, they had a table set up with coffee, tea and cakes that you could purchase, funds going towards the festival and church. The sun had come out by then so, though it was still a tad chilly, we bought some refreshments to help support the cause.
Lostwithiel church lady

Lostwithiel is in the Fowey River valley and isn’t far from the coastal town of Fowey. Just outside the town is Restormel Castle which we also visited. There is an old arched stone bridge as well, crossing the river. They believe it dates to the 13th century. There’s a detailed history of the bridge here though the web page is a bit difficult to read due to poor single spaced text.

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