Weekly Photo Challenge – From Above

Oh this is a good challenge this week, WordPress’s weekly challenge,  there’s nothing I love more than to find a high place to look down on a new city. The only problem is trying to decide on the photos! I ended up deciding on just a few.

From Blackpool Tower, England

Down through the glass floor of the CN Tower, Toronto


Double spiral staircase, Vatican Museums, Rome

And there are a load of photos from the top of the CN Tower, the London Eye, the observation wheel in Paris, looking over the Niagara Falls and the Montmorency Falls, looking down from castle walls, or the Oxo tower over the Thames, the top of the dome of St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, the upper floor of a new library overlooking Amsterdam… You must be starting to see a trend, yes? It’s one of my favourite perspectives next to looking up at details on buildings and windows.

Last but not least, not a travel photo but a photo of two cats looking very stealthy.

Stealth Ginger