New York in the sunshine and New York in the rain

The arch in Washington Square, New York City

The arch in Washington Square, New York City

We’ve seen both sides of the weather this week. We arrived in NYC on Tuesday morning on an earlier flight than planned, as if 7:30 departure wasn’t bad enough! We arrived at the airport to discover that flight was delayed until noon but they got us on one leaving at 6:30 a.m. Thank you Travel Gods!

Naturally it was too early to get into the hotel room so we parked the bags and went out to find breakfast. We could have had it for free at the hotel but it was a madhouse so we skipped that and had it at a nearby pub that was open. We headed to Gray Line and hopped on the Hop On Hop Off tour bus heading downtown. The sun was beaming and our guide Dominic was ace! We got off at Chinatown and walked around there and headed downtown, thinking we would eventually get to the Staten Island Ferry. Things never go as planned. By the time we got there, after a nearly futile search in a department store for a toilet and a stop for lunch at one of the hundreds of Irish pubs in New York, we were just too sore and tired. We had been up since 4 a.m. and it was catching up with us.

We found the tour bus again and took it around the rest of the loop and then trudged our way to the hotel for a rest, nipping out later for a meal.

Yesterday the rain started. Hell. We did brave breakfast in the hotel but between the stress of the crowds and the meh-ness of the food, we decided not to do that again. By that time, the rain had stopped for awhile so we trudged over to where we had to book the Tv and Movie tour for Thursday. Finally found that and since the weather seemed to be holding off, decided to do the uptown loop of the HOHO tour and get off at the Guggenheim.

Cold. damp. windy. crap guide (well, he knew his stuff but the wind was interfering with the microphone and when people continued to complain he got cranky). Then the heavens opened and we skipped down into the inside of the bus to the exclaims of the guide “It’s only water!” Stuff that.

We were unimpressed with the Guggenheim which turned out to be far more heavily balanced in favour of modern art than is our taste. The building was cool though. Stopped for a cold drink and decided we needed to eat. Tried to get a cab down to Rockefeller Center in case we decided to do the NBC tour, but food first. We ended up in one of the restaurants around the Rock. Centre plaza where you skate in winter. If you think that was probably expensive, you’d be right. We decided it would be our splurge meal and it really was good, that’s for sure.

By the time we were done, we thought it was a bit late for the tour but browsed in the NBC shop for a bit and then went in to St. Patrick’s Cathedral for a look. Most of it us under scaffolding unfortunately but the back part around the altar and some side chapels and behind the altar was viewable as was a few of the windows. Very nice!

Sore and tired and sweaty by now and we really were done in. We got a cab back to the hotel, picked up some sandwiches for later and chilled the rest of the evening.

Today the rain continued and we got quite wet even though we tried to share the umbrella. Thought getting a quick breakfast at a nearby takeout cafe would do. I enjoyed it but Graham didn’t much. Another cab, this time over to Times Square where we are going to meet the bus for the On Location tour later. Turns out the cafe where we were meeting the bus would have been perfect for breakfast if a bit over the top. It’s a singing restaurant with all the wait staff taking turns singing various songs. Only on Times Square!!! We did have a hot drink and a bagel while we waited.

The tour was good though it was difficult to take pics out the rainy windows. They show clips of various movies and tv shows as you go by many of the locations and buildings. It’s quite good. The guide we had, Deo, is an actor and comedian and kept us entertained as well. We stopped in Soho for a half hour to stretch our legs. The rains seems to have stopped. Will it last? Well, yes it did for the most part. The sun even came out for the rest of the tour.

We ended the tour near a pub used as inspiration for a sitcom, How I Met Your Mother and we ate lunch in there as we got a 15% discount with the tour ticket. We walked back, picking up a few souvenirs and some sandwiches for later after the theatre.

I guess that’s enough for now. Our adventures will continue! I’ll do more of a “what we thought of New York” after i finish all the travelogue bits!

2 thoughts on “New York in the sunshine and New York in the rain

  1. Nancy Johnston says:

    Heavy rain here today and more tomorrow. Will be gone by the time you get back. Love your pictures and commentary. Don’t have to wait until you come back. :)

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