Traveling through the movies – Premium Rush (NYC)


Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Premium Rush keeps ahead of the yellow New York cabs

My trip to New York has me still in a mental holiday spirit and with memories of the city still clear, I bring you an excellent movie filmed on the streets of New York. Premium Rush is about a bicycle courier, Wilee,  who has to deliver a ticket to a location in Chinatown but the ticket is also worth a lot of money to a dirty cop, a gambling addict whose debts will be forgiven in exchange for this ticket.

premium-rush-blu-ray-box-artThe ticket which is a receipt, was purchased by a Chinese immigrant and it proves her payment which will allow her son and mother to come to the US aboard a ship that is used to smuggle immigrants out of China.  The dirty cop chases Wilee through the streets of New York and Wilee, with the help of his ex girlfriend and courier rival must get the ticket to it’s intended recipient by 7 p.m.

It’s a pretty good thriller and the movie was shot on the streets of New York, mostly from a low level so you really feel like you are part of the action, in the middle of the traffic with Wilee, or zipping along the paths of Central Park. There are streams of yellow cabs, lots of traffic and great shots of the shops and streets, most of which are not lined by skyscrapers as the action starts in the upper west side of Manhattan at Columbia University and traverses through to Chinatown by the end of the film.

Also interesting to me is the star of the movie, Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I was surprised to find out this is the actor that played the younger lad in the great comedy Third Rock from the Sun. I think I probably have seen him in a few movies since then but it never struck me who he was.

Anyway, watching this film really puts you on the streets of New York City, mostly the Upper West Side and some of Central Park,  the streets of everyday working people rather than the famous tourist sites. I would love to go back!


More Streets of New York in Premium Rush. The camera work is shot from street level and you really feel part of the action

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