Word a Week Challenge – Angle

This week’s word challenge is “Angle” as given over on A Word In Your Ear. As I usually do, I try to choose photos from my travels in keeping with the blog theme.

Angles are interesting things. Taking photos of things with geometric proportions can be an example of symmetry or of a particular style like Art Deco which is very angular. I am very fond of taking photos of doors and windows though it’s more the mystery of what lies behind them than the angles.

Formerly the Olympic Village in Montreal, PQ, Canada

Courtyard of the British Library, London

Sometimes I will take a photograph on a diagonal, that’s an angle too, looking at things from a different perspective. Taking a photo at a more pronounced angle is much better than just having the horizon off the straight just a little. Then it just looks wrong and off balance.

Piazza Navona, Rome

Looking up or down, looking for that vanishing point all give you a sense of height, distance or depth.

Chapel at Chelsea Royal Hospital, London

CN Tower, Toronto

Hearst Building, New York City

Then there’s this: this is a photograph taken from a behind the scenes angle that you don’t usually see when you watch television, a photograph from the set of Coronation Street at Granada Studios in Manchester, UK. Getting to see behind the scenes is fascinating and from that angle, you see how small the sets are and how skilled in movement the actors must be when there are a number of people in a scene in a room that you know to be a very small area, much smaller than it photographs on screen.

On set at Granada Studios