Fab Photo Friday – Bricks and mortar

One of my favourite things to photograph when I travel is architectural detail. Doors, windows, carvings, shapes and curves and lines, it all fascinates me. Some stonework is so intricate that it looks as delicate and fragile as lace. I’m always looking up when I’m walking through a town or city, looking for details.

In the historic city of York in England, in the medeival narrow streets around the Minster, if you look up you’ll see all sorts of neat things. There’s one little street where there’s a little red devil up on the corner of a building! These photos today are from the city of Roskilde, near Copenhagen. There are a lot of buildings and houses in Denmark that are plastered and painted lovely colours but there are a lot of brick buildings too and the brickwork can be really intricate. They put a lot into the patterns and trimmings. These photos here are of some of the buildings in central Roskilde and of the cathedral, the Domkirk where most of the past Monarchs are buried. It was the seat of the Royal Family until Copenhagen became more popular.

Look at the patterns, see where the brick has been repaired and replaced. It’s all very neat, isn’t it?


This used to be an Apothocary

Roskilde Town Hall Medieval Tower

This is the clock tower of the Town Hall

Domkirk Side

One side of the Domkirk

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