A Word a Week Challenge – Boat

This week’s challenge is “boat”. Oh, where do I start? I live in Halifax, the city that hosts the Canadian East Coast Navy. There are boats and sailors everywhere. Living on a large natural harbour, there are also marinas all over the place and there are many lakes as well with people kayaking and canoeing, fishing and rafting.  And because it’s a large harbour, there are huge container ships and cruise ships and the harbour ferries and, oh, well you get the picture.

But my very favourite thing of all is the Tall Ships Festival that comes to Halifax every 2 or 3 years. I love walking along the waterfront looking at all the ships, large and small, docked there and even better, whenever possible, I find a spot on the waterfront and watch the Parade of Sail as the ships leave Halifax. I could post many, many photos of those. Here’s my Flickr set of Tall Ships from the various visits.

Nova Scotia’s own Bluenose II. The first Bluenose is on the Canadian 10 cent coin.

The USCG Eagle, a Coast Guard training ship

The Pride of Baltimore, the Halifax Ferry and a speedboat in front of the Halifax Waterfront

The Sagres

There are too many more and I can’t post them all!

9 thoughts on “A Word a Week Challenge – Boat

  1. Memory Catcher says:

    Beautiful photographs. I especially like the last one. It shows the massiveness of the ship with the sailors.

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