Black and White Photo Challenge – Upwards

A new photo challenge for me, one for black and white photos. I don’t take a lot of them or convert to b&w but some photos do end up looking so much better in shades of grey especially if there are textures or shadows involved. I will sometimes convert a colour photo to black and white if there isn’t a lot of colour to the subject in the first place, such as the exterior of a building that’s pretty much just stone or brick.

Anyway, my entry to this Black and White challenge, with a theme of “upwards” follows:
This beautiful art deco style building is on Hollis Street, Halifax. It dates to 1936,  and was the Post office originally and is used for Federal government offices now. Upped by four floors in the 60s and the exterior restored in 2008 and 2009

Dominion Public Building, Halifax, Nova Scotia

The CN Tower in Toronto may not be the tallest free standing structure in the world anymore, but it’s still pretty friggin’ high. It is 553 m. tall, with 147 floors. There are two observation decks, the main one here at 342 m, and a smaller “skypod” another 100 m. higher again.

Looking up under the CN Tower in Toronto. That bit to the left is the glass floor.

The Empire State Building is another of the world’s most famous towers. It was completed in the early 1930s and was the world’s tallest building for 40 years. Wouldn’t it be the coolest place to have your office?

Empire State Building, New York City