Plans are made to be changed

Rouen Cathedral

We were going to do a driving tour around Scotland in October, you may remember. But it turns out, I’m going to have to have surgery and I really won’t be in any shape to be slogging around airports and lugging suitcases quite so soon. Scotland will have to be put on the shelf for another time. Bummer!

What’s next, then? We have made plans to go somewhere in April. We thought about a river cruise but missed the window for the 2 for 1 sale. When we went to book a few days after we decided, the sale cabins were sold out and the only ones left were twice as expensive. Never mind. We are now discussing doing some of the same things on our own.

The river cruise was going to start and end in Paris, stopping at Giverny, a few more places, with an overnight stop in Rouen. It included a bus trip out through Normandy to the battlefields and cemeteries. I think we could very easily do that ourselves. We could spend a couple of nights in Paris. Go to Giverny on the train for a morning out. We could then take the train to Rouen and base there for a few nights. The city itself seems to have a lot of really interesting things, including a cathedral where the heart of Richard the Lionheart is entombed! I’m sure we can find a tour company that will do a day trip out through the countryside from there. On the way home, we could take the Eurostar back to London, have a couple of nights there as well.

In addition, it will probably cost half what the river cruise would have!  Maybe we’ll take a river cruise some other time, if we can book far enough ahead to get the 2 for 1 deal. I’m really surprised that booking for April back in June found the “cheap seats” all sold. It has a vague feeling of a rip off because… April? Doesn’t seem like high season. If it was the Netherlands and tulip time, I’d say yes. Friends of ours did that a couple of years ago in April. I would assume that would be high season for the tulips but Normandy? Seems odd. Never mind.

Plans are made to be changed. You gotta be flexible and think of something else that would be just as cool, right?