Inside detail in the Colosseum. Rome.

Inside detail in the Colosseum. Rome.

I’ve just seen another weekly challenge on my WordPress Reader (where I can subscribe to and see lots of other blogs) that caught my interest. I’ve been picking up a few of these to the point where it seems like that’s all I’ve been blogging lately, one photo challenge or another. Nothing wrong with that of course and because this is a travel blog, I use my travel photos for the challenges wherever possible and slip in a few memories and observations from that location if it adds to the post. I had envisioned this blog as a place to post new travels, which I have done on recent trips to Rome and New York, or repost my past travels which I have done a little. I need to do that more. I do have my own website where I’ve put my detailed travelogues but for here, I’ll likely summarize them a bit more and post links to the full meal deal.

But the challenges… Let me count them now…
The first one was A Word A Week at A Word in Your Ear.
Wordpress themselves have a weekly photo challenge which was the next one.
Then recently I discovered this Black and White Photo Challenge by Sonel over on her blog.
Today I saw another one, a Travel Theme one from Where Is My Backpack. I think I’ve seen it before but this week’s is Architecture and that’s probably my favourite thing to photograph anywhere anytime, traveling or not! Excellent stuff. The difficulty for that one is choosing which photos to post! I usually just link to my Flickr photos but I may have to upload a bunch and create one of those collages. I’ll do that later in the week.

I’ve been taking photos since i was a kid. I got my first camera, a Polaroid, for Christmas when I turned 12. I don’t think my parents realized they’d created a monster! I continually upgraded until I bought my first SLR when I was about 19 I think. It was a Canon AE-1. I loved it! I also owned a Minolta for awhile and went back to Canon around the end of the 90s to get something a bit lighter to carry than the very solid Minolta.

Now, I’ve gone digital and have not gone to a  DSLR mainly because I just find them too large and heavy. When I travel, I want something I can fit in my (large-ish) handbag, something that isn’t going to make my neck ache. A point and shoot, a good one, of course, with a really long zoom is my camera of choice these days. I haven’t even graduated to the kind that look like mini-slr cameras though I suppose that will be next. I like the idea of the kind that are like an SLR but look like a point and shoot and have changeable lenses but the problem with that is that I’d have to keep changing back and forth from regular/wide to tele where the Point and Shoot kind have the zoom built right in.

I’ve changed cameras quite a lot in the past four or five years but not always out of choice. One was stolen, one got dropped in liquid, another one broke a few months after I bought it so that at least was replaced on waranty. All of those were Canon brand. I guess that’s my brand of choice for now. I’m used to it and they all have similar features and special effects. I do take a lot of photos! I’m also trying to take a bit more video as well because sometimes that is better. In Rome, in Piazza Navona one evening, there was a couple dancing. You can take photos but with video, you get the graceful movement and the music, too. And why take 4 or 5 shots to merge into a panorama when you can just take a few seconds of video to show the extra-wide shot, like standing in the middle of a castle keep and filming while I turn around! I can then edit all the clips together for a little longer video. And one of the things my camera can do is take a couple of seconds video with each shot all day. I haven’t tried that yet but I really should. It would be a neat way to do a “day in the life of” type video for a day when we’re sightseeing a lot of different things.

So, while the photo challenges aren’t strictly travel, by using photos from my travels, it keeps the blog on theme and serves my main interests:  photography and travel.