Travel Theme: Architecture

And another photo “challenge” from Where’s My Backpack featuring my very favourite theme, Architecture. It was a difficult thing to choose some photos because I have so many. I started at the end of my folders and since most of those are UK based, I ended up staying in the UK for the architecture. You’ll see a variety of full views and details, old buildings and new ones.

The first gallery photos are from outside the larger cities.

This gallery has photos from the greater Manchester area (including Salford) and from London.

You may notice there are not many cathedrals or castles. Let me tell you, it was tempting to use nothing but castles and cathedrals. I held my self to a small taste of them and tried for a variety.

On Flickr, here’s a link to the photos that are tagged with “architecture” and “architectural detail”

4 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Architecture

  1. Cedar R. says:

    Beautiful photos! I especially liked the one of the Wells Cathedral & Bishop’s Close. I did a homestay in Wells when I was 17 for a few days, and thought it was a beautiful “smallest city in England” :) It was nice to be taken back.

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