I’ve been nominated and so have you!

Thank you to Chronicles of a Public Transit User for these great awards!

best-moment-award1 reader-app-award_thumb


Rules are simple, I nominate 10 people, then so do you, put the Awards up like I did and thank the person who gave you the Awards, 3 Awards.

And my nominees are











12 thoughts on “I’ve been nominated and so have you!

  1. The Wandering Gourmand says:

    Maybe I am doing the wrong thing? I am often nominated for awards but just ignore them. They sound like chain email to me. Tell us 10 things about yourself, etc. Is the blog world considering me rude because of my lack of participation? Should I participate and nominate others? I am strict with my content and answers to awards don’t fit my blog theme. Then again, my readership is stagnant. Sigh…

    • Tvor says:

      I interpret it as a way of gaining new readers back to my blog. I post the link to someone else’s blog and maybe some of their readers will come to mine. I never worry whether they decide to continue the “chain” or not. It’s completely up to them. I know what you mean about keeping your blog strictly on topic. I intended to do that too until i found some of the photo challenges and I love showing my photos. I try to use mostly just my photos from my travels to keep it on topic as a compromise.

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