Weekly Photo Challenge: An Unusual POV

Here’s my answer to WordPress’s weekly photo challenge:

One of the things that makes your photos more interesting is taking them from a different point of view. Maybe framing them through branches or doorways, maybe on a diagonal (but don’t  just make the horizon a slight bit off, that’s just distracting), or you can take a photo from the top looking down or vice versa or even from ground level. There’s a good blog post here about point of view.

Hard to choose just a few photos that I’ve taken from various points of view but here goes:

Public Gardens bandstand, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Katherine’s Window Quebec City, Canada

SoHo Balconies New York City


Manchester Wheel Manchester, England

You can see the light refracted in the drinks, with the trees from beyond showing upsidedown

In the distance The Louvre, Paris

Buoys by the wharf from underneath

Outside our hotel, Copenhagen


I bet she had a great POV! Pride of Baltimore (Tall Ship), Halifax, NS


Ginger’s nose