A Word a Week Challenge – Mistake

This week’s challenge from A Word in Your Ear is all about mistakes, photos that don’t come out quite the way you expect them to. It’s not easy for me to dig up too many, not that I don’t make mistakes because I do, but because I either photoshop them away or delete the photo altogether. I did find a couple.

This is in the Lake District in the UK, Bassenthwaite is the name of the lake, I think. We came across it by accident, having taken the wrong road out of Keswick and ended up on the Whinlatter Pass. It’s a really beautiful vista, Lake. Mountains. Framed by an old stone fence. That had a big rusty steel bar sticking right up into the middle of it. Didn’t notice it until I’d looked at the photo later! For public consumption I removed it but I discovered that I still had the original.


5 thoughts on “A Word a Week Challenge – Mistake

    • Tvor says:

      Oh absolutely. So entranced with the view, I forgot to check! And it was hard to photoshop it out. If you looked close you could tell it’s a bit off but it’s good enough for me!

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