A Word a Week Challenge – Underneath

The challenge word this week on A Word in Your Ear is Underneath.

Since I love architecture, it follows that I take a lot of photos looking up at buildings and details, ceilings and arches, How to choose just a few photos for this challenge? Not easy. Let’s see what I can come up with (see what I did there?!)

Last year we went to Rome and went to the Vatican Museums. Just before we arrived at the entrance to the Sistine Chapel, we were taken into this room where the walls and ceiling were completely covered in painting. It really was overwhelming. The ceiling shown here was detailed and gilded. And that bit to the right, with the arches? That’s painting as well, not really arches.

Vatican Museum, painted room ceiling

In Manchester, UK, there is an old library on Deansgate, the John Ryland Library, opened in the early 20th century. The interior of it looks almost like a cathedral with high vaulted arches and pointed windows. This is under a small dome in a stairwell.

John Ryland Library, Manchester

The CN Tower was the tallest freestanding structure in the world until recently. This is the underneath of it. The grid sections on the right is the glass floor. You can see a ceiling light shining through it!

Under the CN Tower, Toronto

Again, a photo from Canada. This is the ceiling in the train station in Quebec City.

Gare du Palais, Quebec

Hopping over to Paris now. I am resisting the standard photo of the underside of the Eiffel Tower. Everyone takes those photos. I did as well but I’m not posting it here. Instead, here’s a look up the side of Notre Dame Cathedral at the gargoyles.

Gargoyles. Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris

I have countless photos of the ceilings of cathedrals. The vaulted arches are always so graceful. The naves are high and soaring. The domes or towers reach to the heavens. This one of Canterbury Cathedral is probably my favourite though it doesn’t really impress how high up it is. The next photos shows you that.

Canterbury Cathedral

The nave, Canterbury Cathedral


To Brussels and Grand Place at night. This is the City Hall or Stadhuis. Beautiful building with so much detail on it!

Stadhuis, Grand Place, Brussels

Something a bit different, back home in Halifax. Every year there is a charity event where people can rapel down the side of one of the bank buildings downtown. I’ve never done it but it must be a bit scary the first time! You can see people trying to stay pointed upright as the fellow lower down is struggling to do.

And finally, just to prove I do take photos of things other than buildings, a large fungus on a tree at the lake near where I live.


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