Travel theme: High

Where’s My Backpack has a weekly travel theme. This week’s is High.

I love to take advantage of high spots, towers, observation wheels and towers. I’ve blogged photos of them and photos from the top of them a number of times.  Rather than do that again, here are some very tall things.

Yes, it’s the Eiffel Tower again. This was taken from the standard tourist viewpoint of the Trocadero across the Seine from the tower. It really is big! You know it is, but when you see the cars under it and spy it over top of the rooves and treetops from a lot of Paris, you realize how big it really is


Halifax Harbour has lots of interesting ships and other floating things. We have Tall Ships every few years and sometimes we see oil rigs like this one below, the Rowan Gorilla. They’re HUGE! When in port, the platform is down on the water but out at sea, it will be near the top of those legs which would be reaching down to the ocean floor. You can just see a spec at the bottom that is a boat for size comparison.

Rowan Gorilla – oil rig in Halifax Harbour

From Toronto this time, up in the CN Tower looking down through the glass floor! Eek! It’s the weirdest feeling walking on that glass floor. You know in your head it will be strong enough to hold you but your body wants to tiptoe (as if that’s going to make you any lighter!)

That’s a long way down!

And here’s another cartoon my fella drew for me the birthday I had a few months after we’d been up in the CN Tower. He doesn’t have a head for heights!