A Word a Week Challenge – Silhouettes

This week’s challenge from A Word in Your Ear is Silhouette. This isn’t a type of photo I take too often, either from lack of opportunity or just that they never come out the way I want them too. Usually the ones that do come out were accidental silhouettes or lucky shots. There’s one below that was planned and turned out pretty good (the one with the aquarium) but most of them have silhouettes that were more by good luck than good planning.

In the Arnhem Openluchtmuseum (Open Air Museum) they have a section of “collections”. This is a collection of piggy banks.


In Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, there’s a very small aquarium.

Outside the Houses of Parliament, London

Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde, Denmark

Deconstructing the bleachers after the Royal Edinburgh Tattoo.