Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinite

This week’s challenge from WordPress is “Infinite”.  Infinity is forever, as far as the eye can see and beyond, never ending. Gold rings are used for wedding rings to show committment because a circle is infinite – no beginning or end. Time is infinite (we hope!). You look to the horizon and you know it continues past where you can see, straight around the world and back to where you’re standing. Maybe not infinite if you consider yourself as the start and end point but the world keeps turning.

In photos, one way to imply “infinite” is the technique called “vanishing point”. Perspective lines converging in the distance but implying that what you’re looking at continues – railroad tracks, hallways, roads. Here’s a few photos that imply infinity.


Time is infinite Sundial found at Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens

Looking out to sea at Mawgan Porth beach, Cornwall The horizon seems to go on forever

The next two photos are taken from high places across cities that seem to be never ending

Paris from Sacre Coeur


Toronto looking north, from the CN Tower

View from Blackpool Tower, U.K.

And a few of the Vanishing Poing style photos

Train station at Rome’s Fiumincino airport

Vatican Museum map gallery

Lanhydrock House corridor, Cornwall