A Word a Week Challenge – Favourite

The “word a week” challenge from A Word in Your Ear is a year old so Sue has asked people to post their favourite photos.  Very difficult to do when you have thousands of photos taken on many trips and locally!  I’ve picked out some, a few of which I’ve posted on this blog before using them for other challenges or travelogues but since they’re favourites of mine, they bear displaying again!

At the Open Air Museum in Arnhem, Netherlands. There’s a print shop in a little shack on the other side of the pond

Little Shop in Venice… an older photo scanned from film. There are shops all over Venice selling masks. This view with the little girls always makes me smile

Looking down the spiral staircase in Fortnum and Mason, London

Mom at Leeds Castle, England. It really was cold that day!

A shrine in the side of a building in Assissi, Italy

At the Louvre, Paris

Playful young elephants, Chester Zoo, England

And a few that I’ve taken locally here in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

1801 Duke Street, Halifax

This next photo was a really lucky shot. The Alexander Keith’s brewery in Halifax dates back to the mid 1800s and in the old brewery building, they offer tours. The guides are dressed in period costume and the exit from the tour is through this dark tunnel out into a sunny courtyard. As we followed her, I took a photo without flash and this is what came out. It really did look eerily like a ghost from the past! It would have been even better had the lights on the wall been in fixtures that looked like lamps or gaslights!

Ghost in the Brewery

This last photo was taken just a couple of months ago during the Pride parade in Halifax. Seeing how happy people are, and how excited that one lad is, makes me smile. The Pride parade is such a feel good event, with everyone relaxed and happy. It’s wonderful to see people of all ages and all types walking the streets or standing on the sides watching and dancing and cheering and it’s full of bright colours which also makes me happy.