Weekly Photo Challenge – Horizon

The visible spot where the sky meets the land. It doesn’t really, but it’s as far as we can see. We know that the earth is round and the sky is the atmosphere over it, miles over it, but it looks like they meet in the distance. You wonder what is past that point where you can see.  People used to think if they ever got to the horizon it would be the end of the world as they knew it. Maps would have illustrations “Here Be Dragons” and the ships would just fall off.

If you’re a science fiction/fantasy fan, and you’re familiar with the Discworld series, you will know that on that planet, the world *is* flat. A big flat disc that rides on the back of a turtle. You really will fall off the horizon there!

What’s over the horizon? What’s in our future? You could follow the horizon forever, really.  WordPress’s weekly challenge is Horizon this week.

The Yorkshire moors

Toronto and it’s island airport on Lake Ontario.

A bench with a view. North Wales, near Llandudno

Cape St. Mary’s, Nova Scotia

Sunderland lighthouse, Northeast England

12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Horizon

  1. timecollage says:

    These are really good, I love them, the colors, the composition, the details. But I am so partial to any photo that has a light tower in it. I have no idea why, but I love light towers :)

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