A Word a Week Challenge – Behind

I’m usually a bit shy taking photos of strangers face on unless it’s from a distance and they don’t know I’m aiming the camera at them. I rarely take photos of children I don’t know because I figure their parents wouldn’t be too pleased but sometimes I do if the child is facing away from me, depending on the photo. Nobody likes to see the backs of heads in your photo, though, so I try to avoid or crop out those if I can.

Photos from behind a subject might not seem to be interesting but it’s all in the interpretation and how creative you can be with it.

Here’s a few “behind” shots for Sue’s Word a Week challenge this week.

Looking at Palatine Hill, Rome

This is Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, from behind, with a little bit of atmospheric photoshopping.

Notre Dame, Paris

What’s behind the shutters? Taken in Amsterdam.

Backfield in motion. Chester Zoo, England

The 78th Highlanders’ Regiment was posted to the bastion at the Halifax Citadel. They still maintain a presence today and are ceremoniously handed over the keys to the city every summer. You will see them if you visit the Citadel and also in local parades and events.

78th Highlanders drill. Halifax, Nova Scotia.

In the summer of 2012,  Halifax hosted the Tall Ships and in conjunction with that, a commemoration of the centeniary of the War of 1812 with reenactments and costumed people and soldiers on the waterfront.

1812 reenactment, Halifax

The back of most cars and vehicles isn’t usually all that interesting but a classic Chevy with an impressive set of tailfins begs to be photographed!

Antique tram, Open Air museum, Arnhem, The Netherlands